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Middle & High School


Online | Session 1: July 26-28 | Session 2: August 2-4

Workshops Run by Top Debaters in the Nation

Our staff is composed of University of Chicago students from the #1 Debate Team in the US (2022-23 and 2023-24). Together, we have won numerous accolades in Public Forum, American Parliamentary (APDA), and British Parliamentary (BP) debate — both nationally and worldwide.

Ranked #1 Team in US

2023 APDA National Champions

 50+ TOC Gold Bids

Debate Programs


Public Speaking & Persuasion Workshop

July 26 - July 28

Join our dynamic public speaking and persuasion online workshop for middle school students, where no prior experience is required.


This engaging program sets students up for future success by teaching effective argumentation structure, idea generation, and refutation. Through interactive activities and expert instruction, students will gain valuable skills to become confident and effective communicators.


Don't miss this opportunity to develop crucial public speaking abilities in a supportive and inclusive environment!


Public Forum Bootcamp

August 2 - August 4

Join our intensive and immersive Public Forum virtual bootcamp designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for high school students.


Take advantage of strategy workshops taught by top collegiate debaters, focusing on critical skills like analytics, framing, and progressive argumentation.


With small class sizes, personalized guidance and feedback, as well as interactive drills, students develop important connections while honing their debate skills for long-term success.

A T10 Debate Experience

With our expert UChicago instructors, engaging curriculum, and rigorous workshop format, we are committed to providing an unparalleled summer camp experience that will empower students with invaluable debate skills and prepare them for success in all aspects of life.

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