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About Our Camp

Welcome to the Chicago Debate Academy, where we offer a debate summer camp experience like no other!

Why Attend a Debate Camp?

Listen to Ale Perri, current President of Chicago Debate Society and former top Public Forum debater in high school, discuss the value debate can bring to your academic and professional career.


What Sets Us Apart?

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the activity of debate itself. Unlike other camps, our team is still deeply involved in the debate community and have a firsthand understanding of what it takes to excel.


Our instructors consists of former top Public Forum competitors who have amassed over 50+ Tournament of Champions (TOC) gold bids during their high school careers.


Moreover, they have achieved tremendous success in college, ranking as the #1 Team of the Year, #1 Debate Club of the year, #1 Speaker of the Year, and National Champions in the American Parliamentary Debate League in 2022-2023.


With their recent and ongoing involvement in debate, our staff brings a fresh and up-to-date perspective to the camp, ensuring students receive the most relevant and effective instruction possible.

A T10 Learning Environment

At the Chicago Debate Academy, we believe in creating a fun and engaging learning environment.


Our instructors, who are all members of UChicago's debate team, share a strong camaraderie and work synergistically to develop a robust curriculum.


Coming from diverse academic backgrounds, they excel in various fields of study, enabling them to offer students a well-rounded educational experience. Not only will they provide expert guidance in debate, but they will also serve as mentors, offering personalized advice on topics ranging from college, life advice, and academic matters.


With their dedication and support, students can expect a transformative and enriching camp experience.

Rigorous Instruction

We understand that summer is a busy time, which is why we have designed our program to be highly efficient and low commitment.


Our 2.5-day debate workshop packs a a rigorous curriculum into a condensed timeframe, ensuring that there is no filler content. Every moment is dedicated to providing students with valuable and unique knowledge.


The material presented during our camp has been meticulously crafted specifically for this program, meaning that students will be exposed to content they won't find anywhere else.


By participating in our camp, students can make the most of their summer while receiving an unparalleled educational experience.


Join Us Today!

Join us at the Chicago Debate Academy and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and excitement.


With our expert instructors, engaging curriculum, and efficient workshop format, we are committed to providing an unparalleled summer camp experience that will empower students with invaluable debate skills and prepare them for success in various aspects of life.


Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to fostering intellectual growth and personal development through the art of debate.

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